About Us

The Badass Bloggettes have a profound love of books , we live, eat and sleep books and it never ceases to amaze us how a powerful book can affect each everyone.  We love to share books, reviews, sales, cover reveals and new releases with you all. We hope that you too will discover just how good these authors are as well as blogging to help new indie authors  get noticed.
Romance is our preferred genre. This however comes in all different shapes and sizes.  We will try just about anything once, we are not that picky LOL
Well I love books, and like most people I read FSOG first which is what attracted me to this genre but before that came out I loved Jackie Collins and Jilly Cooper books.  After Mr Grey I found Sylvia Day’s Crossfire books amazing and in the Sylvia Day Forum I met some amazing friends who have become extremely close to me over the years and are still firm friends.  I find it funny that you can sometimes have the most amazing friends but they are over the internet.  I love all types of romantic books, from the Y/A to N/A to Erotica and General romance, I must admit though that I am not a fan of vampire or paranormal books, I scare easily but give me a dark book with a twist and love theme then I love them as much as the general romance.  The Artists Trilogy by Karina Halle and The Consequences Series by Aleatha Romig are by far my favourite so far in this category.

I am a born romantic well so my family say and my husband of 10 years tries his hardest to be romantic and to put up with my romantic ideas but sometimes he just has to be a man and watch Football, however, I have managed on a few occasions to get him to see a chick flick with me LOL.

I am a 43 year old Office/Sales Manager for a serviced office provider in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I have been working here now for 10 years and I love some of the clients I have but like most jobs it has its ups and downs.  Basically for those who do not know what it is I do, I rent out offices to smaller companies who may not be able to afford their own office.

Like I said above, I have been married for nearly 10 years (10 years in 2015) but have been with my husband for 16 years now.  He is funny at times and I love him dearly.  I have a wonderful Step Son who is 20 this year and cherish him so much, he is my appointed bodyguard if I am out plus taxi driver if I need him.  He is 6ft and I am only 5ft 2 so he towers over me.

I love having the opportunity to read and review books and hope that everyone will enjoy my reviews as much as I have enjoyed writing them.


Hi all, I live in Clearwater, Florida, on the Gulf Coast, USA.  I am the mother of three and the grandmother of seven. 

I was married to my soul mate for 25 years.  He was a wonderful husband and I truly appreciated every day we had together.  He is the reason I love romance books.  I know firsthand that there is love at first sight and happily-ever-afters in real life.

I work in financial aid at a local college.  This is a great opportunity to help young people and adults meet their education goals.  It also gives me the opportunity to talk to a lot of people about the books I read as my Kindle or a book is always sitting on my desk.  I read everything, mystery, romance, paranormal, biographies, history--in other words if you write it I'll read it.  

I have a passion for books and a love of games.  If I’m not reading I’m playing cards or video games. (Usually with a beer or glass of wine to keep me company,)

My love of books started at a young age as my parents read to us all the time.  As I grew older I turned to Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and books of this ilk and dreamed.  By high school I started reading romance and the smut or banned books of the day. (I read Peyton Place in religion class.  Put a paper bag cover on a book and every thinks it is a school book.) I love long books of the James A. Michener and Diana Gabaldon variety but, most often, I read the usual length novels.  

Typically, you will find me reading two or three books concurrently and at least one audio book playing in my car.  This started before e-books when I had a book in the living room, the car, at work, and my purse.  As long as I have a book I don’t get impatient waiting in line or at the doctor’s office.

I can't get enough to read. I read quickly and continuously.  One of the best perks working on this blog is the many new authors I find.  I get hooked on their writing style and storytelling skills.  Of course I never give up on my old favorites—once I become addicted to a writer I don’t let the go.